Family Portrait Photographers

We love family portraits! It is a great way to capture your relationships with each other, and remember that special time in your life. We cover families from maternity and newborn photography, through to families and extended families - our current record is 120 people in one group photo!

We have a variety of options for you to select the best way to present your images. There are portrait collections, which include your portrait session fee and a set of products, or you are also able to order a la carte if these options don't fit your family's needs. 

How does it all work? 

Prior to your photo day, we will discuss with you the best location, time of day and clothing options for the style of photos you would like. It is also best to have a think about what you are after as the end product - were you wanting a set of photos for that blank wall in the lounge, or an album to sit on the coffee table? Thinking about this prior to your portrait session can help us ensure we are capturing the images required. 

Then it is photo day! We like to keep the portrait session fun and free flowing, so that you all enjoy the experience! If you have favourite toys, or sentimental props, or furry members of the family feel free to bring them along to incorporate in to your photos! 

The final step is your viewing and purchasing appointment at our studio. Here we will go through your photos, and assist in selecting your favourites, and how best to display them. Once you have confirmed your order, your products will be ready in about three weeks.  

To receive information on the products and investment for family portraits, please give us a call 9328 8498 or fill in the contact form for us to be in touch. 

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