Rain on Your Wedding Day - Pt 3 Locations

The final in this little series of what to do when it rains on your wedding day includes photos from some of our favourite locations for when we need to have some shelter. 

1. Bars in and around Perth.

There are so many venues who are very happy for us to come in and use their space for bridal party photos. It can be a great idea when it is either really hot, or wintery weather and you need to seek shelter. Plus you can then pre order some food and drinks for your bridal party while you are having photos taken. If you have an earlier ceremony, by mid afternoon you will be wanting a little break! 

2. Universities like UWA and ECU

You need to book to have your photos taken here, but UWA is a popular choice with the classic architecture, and I've been there when it's hailing and everyone has stayed dry! ECU Mt Lawley has some funky walls which also provide a little bit of shelter, so for light rain and passing showers it's a great spot. 

3. His Majesty's Theatre

Yes, it's in the city so you can double it up with King St or a nearby bar too. His Majesty's is stunning, we are like little kids running around in here it's just so good! If you are interested in booking the theatre then we need to check in advance, as it only has limited availability, depending on what performances are on. 

4. Cottesloe Civic Centre

We love this place anyway no matter what the weather! But the buildings can provide some shelter to wait out a passing shower, and also get some photos while you wait in there too! The beach can be a good spot to be on a wet day, as crazy as that sounds. The weather is usually coming from the west, so you can look out over the ocean and see the showers coming, so then you know if you have a gap or if you need shelter very soon! Kirsten and Luke's wedding day was one of those, where we timed the photos around the rain!