Kids at Weddings

Kids at weddings - they are always a source of entertainment! Today we look back at some of the adorable kids who were a part of weddings we've photographed. Our main piece of advice to couples who are incorporating kids into their wedding plans is to just let kids be kids. It can be so overwhelming for them on a wedding day. They most likely aren't going to go down for a nap when they should, as why should they when so much exciting stuff if happening around them?! But when given a little bit of space to assess their situation, you can get some classic moments that let their personalities shine through!  


These flowergirls were all superstars at the weddings they attended! The great thing about kids is that they aren't going to pretend when they have had enough, and so if they are totally happy to have their photo taken, or if they are getting a little over it they'll let you know. 

Caversham House wedding
Pageboy suit

Such a gorgeous smile. Oh, how quickly things can change ;) 

As you can see, there are some beautiful moments that capture the relationship that kids have with each other, as well as extended family, which are absolutely priceless moments our clients now have forever. And in some cases, I apologise now for your 21st birthday if some of these photos get featured.