Should We Do Congratulations After Our Wedding Ceremony?

This is a question that we get asked from time to time, especially when people have a very short gap between their wedding ceremony and reception. 

So today we have featured some images that were taken during congratulations, to show the moments that we capture during this time. We personally love the congratulating time, as there is so much emotion on show, all the nerves are gone and people are just so happy to have witnessed your ceremony. It is also the first chance to see your guests if you are the bride, and gives your guests a chance to take a closer look at your dress if you are planning on making any changes or taking off your veil before your reception. 

If you want to take advantage of the good light, another option we suggest is to have your bridal portrait done, and then join your guests during pre dinner drinks to receive their congratulations then. It means you still have the casual atmosphere to move around to your guests before you are all seated. 

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If you think about how many guests you will have at your ceremony, and then how much time you would spend with each one (which may be 10 seconds, may be 30), you can then start to figure out how much time it would be for your day.