Wedding Cars Perth

Classic Wedding Car Perth

A wedding car or cars is something that you will discuss as you start to plan your wedding day. It is a great way of getting large groups of people from point a to point b, and also do it in style. 

In Perth there is a huge variety of wedding cars that you could hire. There are classic and vintage cars like a Rolls Royce or Jaguar, right through to the latest vehicles like the stretch Camaro. 

Some helpful tips when looking at cars and trying to decide what to do...

Wedding Car Perth

- If you are having your ceremony and reception at the same venue so therefore the minimum booking seems like it won't suit, look at arranging for your groom and groomsmen to use the same car, but to arrive at the venue earlier than you may have originally planned. Just make sure the boys realise how important it is that they are ready in time, and add a buffer to allow for traffic to and from your venue! 

- Have a large bridal party but have your heart set on a classic car with the top down to arrive at your wedding? You could book a large limo for the bridal party, and a special car that you and your partner use to get to your reception. 

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- Think about how easy it is or isn't to move in your wedding dress! A dress with a triple hoop will take up more room, and ideally needs a wider door on your car to not squash it too much. At the other end of the scale, a tight mermaid style suits a car you can swing in to, and not have to climb large steps - remember Beyonce at that awards show a few years ago, when security had to lift her up the stairs? You don't want that to be how you arrive! 

Wedding Limo Perth

- Be clear with the time your booking will finish. This is very important for photographers, as we need to take this in to account when planning the timing of your photos. If your booking finishes at 6pm, that is when we need to be at the venue and unloaded, not leaving the last photo location. OK, there are times where things run late, and you get stuck in unusual traffic, but we like to plan to respect what their booking was. Also, they may have another client booked for the evening based on the time they are meant to drop you off - half hr late because of poor planning then means they could be late to their next client.