Wedding Tips - So what's your style?

Weddings are a place where so much creativity can happen for us wedding photographers. From capturing the nervous anticipation when you are preparing for the ceremony, the details, the emotion of the day, and then photos with your bridal party. This is why we love our job! 

So when it comes to selecting the locations and focus for your photography, this is where it is good to have a general idea of the style of images that you like. As you can see from our recent work, we love to create a mixture from quite natural and relaxed images, through to posed with all sorts of crazy lighting involved. The amount we photograph at each wedding depends on the couple, as some people would like a mixture of images, and some prefer more one way or the other in these styles. 

As we are so visual, in this little series of wedding tips we are showing examples of these different styles, to make it easier than trying to explain an idea in your mind. Today we are featuring some images to show natural light and a more relaxed posing approach. We always have some structure to our bridal portraits, to make sure we have you enjoying the moment in the best light, and also some subtle posing moves can make a huge difference once you see your photos. 

If this is the style you think is right for your wedding day, then we can assist with suggesting the best locations to be in at particular times of the day, as lighting and setting can play a huge part in achieving this look.