What to wear to an outdoor family session ~ Large Family Portraits

There’s no hard and fast rule on what to wear but there are some good guidelines to get the most out of the photos.

For large Family groups the main thing is you don’t want 1 person to stand out unless that’s on purpose. So neutrals are a great way to go. It doesn’t have to be white t-shirt and jeans with everyone matching but soft colours and tones work well. If everyone rocks up in neutrals and one person is in bright red, they will stand out

Maybe have a chat if everyone is going to go lighter tones or darker tone, dressy or casual. Again you don’t want everyone in jeans except one in a tux. Other things to avoid is bold patterns, writing on t-shirts ( your eye will naturally read the writing in the photos )

Lastly choose and outfit you like yourself in and your comfortable. If your uncomfortable it shows on your face and we want relaxed fun shots

Key things are

-          Avoid bold colours ( unless you are co-ordinating this with everyone)

-          Avoid pictures and writing on t- shirt

-          Make sure your all “dressed for the same occasion”

-          Avoid bold patterns

-          Make sure you are comfortable


Kirsten GrahamComment