Wedding Photography Locations - Harold Boas Gardens

There are so many locations around Perth ideal for wedding photography. The ones that are the most popular tend to have a lot of shade, which can be very useful on a warm summer's day, and also can provide a little bit of shelter if it's just sprinkling with rain! 

Below are a few images to show you Harold Boas Gardens, which is off Wellington St in West Perth. It is an area which you need to book by contacting the City of Perth, and can make a lovely setting for a wedding ceremony as well as bridal party photos. There are some renovations happening there are the moment, but there are still plenty of options for us. 

It is split into separate areas, and the middle one (area 2) is our favourite one, as it has the pond at the bottom of the little waterfall that creates beautiful reflections, and has a variety of lawn and gardens to use.