Camera Electronic Photo Live Expo

Thank you to everyone who came to see my presentation at the Photo Live Expo at the weekend. It was a great day, and wow was I exhausted by the end after speaking with so many people at the AIPP display, before then doing the talk at the end of the day! I've added the two slideshows I had in my presentation in this post, so that if you would like to revisit them you have the chance to look through. 

The video above is the final slideshow, which was to show how combining all the elements of the day, it can all come together in one story which is displayed in an album design. 

And this is the one you didn't get to see much of sorry, as the wifi disapeared on us in the presentation room! This is a general slideshow from some recent weddings, to give you the feel of my style of photography. 

Kirsten x