Having Your Wedding at Home

Have you been pondering on the idea of having your wedding at home? Or perhaps your family has a property with a stunning spot that holds sentimental value for you as well? We have been to some absolutely beautiful weddings that show with some planning and the right location, you can bring suppliers to you to have a magical wedding day! 

Backyard wedding Perth

We've featured some images from three different style weddings who all had their wedding reception at home. For Sam and Stevie, their wedding was brought forwards after they were fortunate to win the main wedding prize draw at a wedding open day! So they used their included suppliers wisely, and after having their ceremony at a nearby park, their guests came to a freshly renovated backyard to party the night away. They worked hard in the months leading up to the wedding, to landscape and also put in new decking, which became the dancefloor on the night. With a mobile cocktail bar, food vans and hired furniture the place was absolutely stunning! 

Wedding Photographer Busselton

Ian and Zoe's Busselton home was in a lovely spot by the river, so why not make the most of the stunning vista for their wedding day. Their ceremony was held on the lawn, and then they had a marquee for their wedding reception that evening. Zoe spent a lot of time in the leadup to the wedding sourcing items from op shops that she could make into an eclectic yet cohesive array of decorations, and then these items could remain in their garden after the wedding day as well. 

Wedding reception at home

And finally we have Meg and Mark's Lancelin wedding. They used the family holiday home as the base for their wedding, with the ceremony just over the road by the beach. Once again, the wedding became the deadline to install that deck that had been spoken about for so long but never made. So many family and friends helped in getting the house ready for the day, and then there were the wind catchers that Meg and her Mum spent so long on as well. 

The gallery below shows a whole lot more detail from each of these weddings. I think the main thing that made them a success was plenty of prior planning, and then having enough professionals in on the day to sort out the catering and plan of the night, so that the couple and their family weren't spending the night running around doing chores, they were all able to sit back and enjoy the rewards of the hard work they had put in, and enjoy the wedding they were there to celebrate.